Transbay massing studyProposed "stacking"


Program Update and Sustainability Guidelines

Pamela Owen Adams was project manager for the Program and Sustainability Guidelines portions of the Transbay Transit Center while at HOK.  The overall project included the Functional Planning and Massing for this multi-modal terminal, as well as joint development studies for adjacent TJPA-owned parcels.

Collaborative Process
A Goals and Vision Update workshop was held early on with the TJPA leadership to clarify their vision and refine project goals.  A series of interviews was held with all the operators and users planned for the facility such as CalTrain, High Speed Rail, Greyhound, AC Transit,  SamTrans, and  Muni buses.  The complexity of the facility required a closely collaborative effort between the programming and planning teams.  The programming team also consulted with retail specialists to update previous assumptions regarding the retail component of the original proposal by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).
The program document summarized functional needs of all user groups, and described how the various functions could be accommodated on the envisioned “stacking” of the multi-floor Transit Center. An alternative concept for the retail components was proposed after consideration of the design principles and market support in the surrounding area.  The new design alternative addressed the amount and location of retail use, as well as other planning concepts that would have a substantial impact on the success of the project. 
transbay terminal illustration
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