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Menlo Park Headquarters—Master Plan for Phased Redevelopment

Pamela Owen Adams was project manager while at HOK for this master plan for Stanford Research Institute (SRI) for their 66-acre  Menlo Park headquarters of over 1.5 million sf.  The scope included programming, master planning, sustainable analysis and design and phasing concepts. 

Facilities on the site range from 1940’s to 1980’s buildings.  The surrounding context is predominantly residential, as well as the adjacent City Hall, park and low-density offices.  Important considerations in planning included:  providing a supportive and highly adaptable environment for multidisciplinary research and collaboration, preserving heritage trees and creating a campus-wide network of open space, and phasing in new development without disrupting ongoing operations.    Sustainable strategies include solar orientation and storm water management.

The final concept envisions a secure campus that is environmentally responsive and a “good neighbor” in its context.  The master plan is phaseable to respond with flexibility to business needs and funding, and will provide a work environment that fosters innovation and collaboration among the various research units.

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